Actual developments in the power markets and their impact on both the revenues of projects in the fund’s portfolio and the investment prospects are closely monitored. The fund continues to aim for a balanced portfolio, mitigating price risks where possible, for instance by its choice of instrument, revenue model of the project or geography.

In 2018, the fund aims to realise new projects with existing and new partners, in both the onshore wind and solar sectors. Investing in new projects will diversify its income streams with a view to enhancing returns, whilst continuing to contribute to improving the sustainability of the European energy system. The fund will also explore the possibilities for upgrading – also called re-powering – existing projects with new technology, thus improving and increasing their generation capacity. Redevelopment plans for several wind farms in portfolio are currently being drafted. To further diversify its portfolio the fund is also exploring opportunities beyond the countries and technologies it is invested in, for example in the field of energy efficiency and storage.

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