Triodos Renewables Europe Fund aims to contribute to the further development of the renewable energy sector by investing in clean-power producing assets, thus increasing the proportion of the total energy demand that is met by clean energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

123,110 households

provided with
clean energy

The fund has a significant direct environmental and social impact. In total, the projects in the fund’s portfolio produced 418 GWh of green and renewable energy in 2017, providing 123,110 European households with clean energy and reducing CO2 emissions by 248,643 tonnes. Based on the stake of the fund in the projects, the production of green and renewable energy amounted to approximately 174 GWh. Electricity production was 9% higher than in 2016 but still lagged behind expectations. This was mainly attributable to lower wind speeds. Based on the production in 2017, the ownership of 48 shares in the fund equals the energy consumption of one average household in the Netherlands.

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